1. What are the differences between closed captions and subtitles?
  2. Can captions be created in different languages?
  3. What is closed captioning?
  4. Can web videos be made accessible for the deaf and hard-of-hearing?
  5. How much does it cost to caption a video?

Closed Captioning Questions and answers

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  • What do I get from Vanan?
  • As the leading provider of quality captioning services, we can convert the audio part of any video and the time stamp into a caption file. Depending on your requirement, we can provide you the caption file which is already embedded on your video or you can have it as standalone file which you can easily encode at a later time.

  • What caption and subtitle file formats can you provide?
  • Caption files we deliver: .SCC,.MCC,.Cap,.Asc,.Tds,.Cin,.Aaf,.Onl,.Ult
    Subtitle files we deliver: .Srt, .Stl, .Sst, .Son, .Xml, .Txt, .Usf, .Dost
    Web file extensions we deliver: .srt(youtube) .xml(flash) .itt(Itunes) .Smi(windows media) .Vtt(webvtt) .rt( real text) .txt(quick time)

  • What caption file format do I need?
  • We support different file formats. For one, the Scenarist Closed Captioning (.scc) format is the widely used format in captioning. Because of its older NTSC-based subtitle format, it is used in Broadcast TV. The same format is utilized in Video on Demand (VoD) stores like Hulu and iTunes. This .scc file format can be edited using Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro. Another top choice for captioning format is SubRip (.srt). This particular format can be edited easily with the use of Notepad and TextEdit. No wonder, this is the top file format for Vimeo and YouTube videos.
    Closed captioning (CC) and subtitling are basically the same. It's the process of displaying texts on videos, television programs, and other multimedia projects which provides the audience with additional information. This is particularly helpful to people with hearing impairments. The audio portion of a program is basically converted into text as it happens which can be in verbatim or in edited form. Sometimes, the description of non-speech elements like sound effects, musical cues, and translation of foreign languages are included. If for some reason you want to change the file format of your caption file, don't hesitate to CALL US and we'll convert it for FREE.

  • How can I view and edit the caption file?
  • If you want to view the captions, simply upload the video on YouTube (as a private video) and then upload the caption file. There are many software programs available in the market today to edit caption files. As of the moment, we don't use any 'Adobe Video Editing Software.' As alternative you can use compatible software like 'Final Cut Pro 7' and 'FCP X.' You can also use 'Subtitle Edit. For PC. Free', just make sure to use the latest edition to avoid any bugs.

  • What video file formats can you accept?
  • We can accept all common digital video formats, such as MOV, AVI, MP4, VOB, Mpeg ,
    Quick time

  • Can I give you a transcript or vocabulary list for my video?
  • Yes providing a transcript is helpful - simply upload the Transcripts with your video so we can perform the captioning files using this script For translation you can send us the script but it should be time stamped every 5 seconds in order to perform the captioning or we can have our Translation team to perform the time coding before they are converted into captioning files. Pricing will vary if the Transcripts and Translation documents is provided from your end.

  • What kinds of captioning do you do?
  • We currently support "pop on" captions for pre-recorded video files. "Roll up"€ captions, live/real-time captioning are not available as of this time.

  • How long will captions take?
  • If you want an estimate of turnaround, or need urgent services, simply CONTACT US,
    CHAT, or EMAIL.
    Our standard captioning turnarounds are as follows:

    1. For video recordings under 1 hour length, we deliver within 2 business days. If you have transcripts for your video file, the turnaround time will be even quicker. Without a transcript, we transcribe and caption for you, with just an extra day more.
    2. For files that require more work (i.e. poor audio quality, foreign translation) of 1 hour length, it will take 3 to 4 business days.
    3. For individual files with more length: 1 to 3 hours length—we provide quality output within 4 to 5 business days. For files over 3 hours length—5 to 6 business days.
    4. For split files with varying length, we efficiently deliver in a rolling basis after each file is completed, so you don't have to worry about delays.
    5. Turnaround is based on individual video length, not on the total volume order. High volume orders comprising short videos are completed very fast. Ten to twenty minutes video length will only take 2 business days. So, don't hesitate to send us high volume tasks. We guarantee speed and accurate captioning.

  • Do your captions meet the FCC requirements?
  • Yes. We make sure that all our closed and open captioning done for online and television are fully compliant with standards of FCC captioning, and Section 508 requirements for video captioning.

  • Do your captions meet the ADA requirements?
  • Yes. All our captioning services completely abide by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 1990 ruling for captioning.

  • Do your captions meet requirements set by Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and other online stores?
  • Yes. We give our best in providing highly-flexible, great quality captioning and subtitling for all standard platforms, and meet requirements of major online media distributors such as Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, among others.

  • What languages can be spoken in the video? And What languages can you create subtitles in?
  • We perform subtitling and Closed Captioning for all languages we have in house professional Transcribers and Translators to perform.

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